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Congratulations to our A Litter on their 1st birthday

We wish you all the best, a long, happy and above all healthy life in your families.

09/08/2019                  Since yesterday our very special sweetheart moved out.                                            Aaron (Mika`s Magic Furs Antonyo) has now arrived in his                                          new family and has mastered the first night and the first                                          day with countless new impressions very well. We wish him                                          and his new family a wonderful, exciting, healthy, long,                                                common life and all the best.


09/07/2019    Our Ayden has found a great family.                                                      
                       Linus (Mikas Magic Furs Ayden) moved to his new home yesterday.                                He now has a big sister and a cat lady as allies. We wish him and his                              new family well, an exciting, beautiful and long living together.


09/05/2019    The second little treasure has moved out.                             
                       Alvin (Mikas Magic Furs Alvin) was picked up yesterday by his family                            and can now explore his new home and be pampered by the biped.                                  We wish him and his new family an exciting, beautiful and healthy,                                long, shared life.


09/04/2019    The Gassi society is getting smaller and smaller ...

09/03/2019     On the eve of his departure, Sally and Alvin                 
                        a few special moments together ...
The evening walk still has 4 treasures
together with mom ...

08/31/2019     Yesterday Apollo (Mika`s Magic Furs Alfredo) moved to his new home.                          We wish him and his family a good start into a long, exciting, beautiful                          and above all healthy living together.


08/27/2019 Since yesterday evening our little fur noses have their chip, are vaccinated and wormed the third time. They have their pet passport and the pedigrees have already arrived. Tomorrow is then the last throwing test of the club and on Friday the first of our darlings will start the journey to his new, great home. Today they used the midday heat to strengthen their teeth in the cooler interior with dried ox meat, peacefully and without a fight. To look so beautiful.

08/26/2019 Today our babies are exactly 8 weeks old. We drove in the car, played in the big meadow and then Corgi-Uncle James was visiting and everyone swarmed with him extensively. That was fun.


08/25/2019 A beautiful Sunday morning!
Our Magic Furs romp indoors, while the owner cleans the exterior. So you can enjoy the beautiful day outside. In the late afternoon, a trip to the orchards is planned. Then they can really jump and practice running. Driving is also great.

08/21/2019 The little ones have let off steam in the garden.
Before the little bears take a nap, Sally plays with them a bit more.

08/19/2019 Now our Beardie kids are already 7 weeks old. Time goes by so fast and we have a lot of fun together. Antonyo has found very nice Beardie parents and can look forward to his new home. For Ayden, a family is definitely in the starting blocks to keep him in their hearts forever and to enjoy their family life together with him. But the little ones still have time to play together, sleep and eat before they move into their families.

08/12/2019 Today again pictures and a video of the little Magic Furs. Ayden and Antonyo are still looking for their family. They are all so magical, attentive, curious and loveable. Everyone learns to get used to the brush and get fresh air for big and small businesses. Driving is also planned for the coming days. So they are optimally prepared for their new families.

Ayden and Abbygail in a hot discussion ...

08/11/2019 Today was warm again, so our Sally and her babies preferred to chill indoors. For a change, there was something new today: rabbit ears to strengthen the teeth.

08/07/2019 Today we want to praise our Sally. She is a fantastic, loving, patient, caring mother who takes care of and cares for our 5 little bears. Even if the little ones eat puppy food three times a day, they then look after a good drink of breast milk and can bear it very patiently despite their sharp baby teeth. It is and remains our magic mouse that we can be proud of.

08/04/2019 ANTONYO and AYDEN
are still looking for a loving family.
If you fall in love with one of these two charming heart boys, do not hesitate to contact us to get to know them first-hand.


... is a black and white man with a lot of charm and entrepreneurial spirit. He is open-minded and unwavering, but at the same time careful and thoughtful.
His extraordinary drawing makes him something special, unique and lovable.


... is a brown / white male,
Seeking peace and closeness with his siblings and humans.
He is fearless and curious, funny and quick.
A little Beardie boy
For kuddling
love and discover.

08/01/2019        The sweet Alvin one is a natural photo talent and ...                           
                           ... weigh yesterday

07/29/2019     Today our Beardie kids are 4 weeks old. One more reason to                                    present pictures and videos of today. Everyone is fine. They                                   grow and thrive and learn every day. Education among themselves,                           of course also from Sally and us, is on the program.                  
                        Here is our little gallery:

07/28/2019   What a weekend ...                                                                           
                      Uncle James was visiting, the parents of New Beardie have                                     finally admired us live, our playground is taking shape and we                                   could enjoy it yesterday ...                                                               
                      ... and today: continuous rain. Pity! There is only chilling ...

... and also Mama Sally can rest properly.

07/24/2019      Today, the little ones have left the house for the first time and explored their                               playground for the next 4 weeks. Tomorrow he will be equipped with exciting                                toys. We look forward to your reactions.


07/21/2013              Now the 5 treasures have their name


Mika´s Magic Furs Alfredo

(the elf-advised)


Mika´s Magic Furs Alvin

(the flag of the love)


Mika´s Magic Furs Ayden

(the little flame)


Mika´s Magic Furs Antonyo

(invaluable/ price-worth)


Mika´s Magic Furs Abbygail

(Father`s joy)

07/18/2019           Video day

Porridge works quite well
We still practice


Barking works a bit
We still practice

07/16/2013            The children were 2 weeks old yesterday. Now everyone has their                                      eyes open.The boys have cracked the 1000g mark and the princess                                      will make it until tomorrow. Now it gets more exciting and moves in                                    the puppy box.

07/13/2019            Snapshots from the puppy box

Quintet - a treat for our ears - a culinary delight for the little ones

Sibling love

07/08/2019      Now they are one week old and want to present themselves with some close-ups:

black boy No 1                                                blue boy
brown girl                                                        the four boys
brown boy                                                       black boy No 2
black boy No 2                                               blue boy, black boy No 1
brown boy, brown girl                                      blue boy, black boy No 1

07/07/2019         First we eat right ...

... and then slept a lot ...

... so that we become big and strong!

07/05/2019      The little ones are now 5 days old and thrive. In our program is without                                       exception: puppy box ....                                                                                                                                                            
                         Just have a look and enjoy ...

07/02/2019      Our puppies are now one day old and would like to introduce themselves


Firstborn male black/white                   Secondborn male blue/Weiss

332g                                                     330g


Thirdborn  male brown/white                Fourthborn male black/white

319g                                                       360g


Last born puppy female brown/white      From the puppy box


                         Predator feeding:

07/01/2019             A long, hot and exhausting night is behind us and all efforts have paid                                  off. Our Sally has born 5 magical Beardie babies. She did a great job                                  and we are very proud of our girl.                                                           
                               Not to burden mother and baby additionally, here only a small video                                      and a few photos of inferior quality. In the next days and weeks, many                                puppy boxes and puppy playgrounds will be on display.


We are happy about two black boys, a brown boy,
a blue boy and a brown girl


06/27/2019          day 56
                             Again a hot day is done. Sally enjoys the slight cooling.



06/17/2019       We designed the puppy room yesterday. Sally found it interesting and                                     used it immediately. In about 2 1/2 weeks she did it. The belly grows and                   their gait visibly slows down.


At the beginning of July we expect our first litter.

We attach great importance to the welfare of the animals and ensure good breeding, character and sociability.
Our main goal: Stable, healthy and breed-suited bearded collie.
Our puppies are lovingly raised in our house, can let off steam in the house or in the garden and are made familiar with all everyday noises.
They live with us and get every kind of care a puppy needs when raising them.
We are very interested in an early contact with our future puppy owners.

Sally                                  Percy
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