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An appeal to future puppy parents !!!


Puppies have been searched for months on every imaginable social media site and it doesn't stop ...!

It has to be now and immediately - you have time.

Then you read more often articles like:

9 weeks - does not sleep through the night

10 weeks - still pee in the apartment

12 weeks - bite us - we are at the end ... etc, etc ...

- What's wrong here?-

Puppies are cute - no question about it, but

Puppies do work.

Puppies are exhausting.

Puppies have to go out every 2-3 hours.

Puppies have to arrive at their new home.

Puppies have yet to learn everything.

Puppies don't come to you ready, even if we teach them many things from everyday life in their first few weeks.

Then, after you have passed the puppy phase, the first puberty comes.

That becomes even more exhausting - because the little brain is covered with colored plasticine and is closed due to renovation ...

Not to forget, the dog is still there when you all want to go back on vacation and your home office is over.

He wants to grow old with you, become part of your family and live with you.

He cannot and does not want to spend 10 hours a day alone, be locked in the box all the time or have to lie on his blanket.

This is exactly what so many do not seem to realize. Dogs are living things. You have needs that need to be met. That costs time, money and nerves.

It's definitely worth it, but you have to be aware of that too. So check this out before you commit!


(seen and approved, author unknown)




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