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Today we would like to present you the wonderful portraits of our B-bears.

Many thanks to Markus Heber !!

It was great fun and we can only recommend him at this point

Black Baccara
Be My Heart Buddy (Joey)
Be Happy Bandit
Black Bumblebee
Be My Life Baxter (Bruno)
Black Devil Baghira (Eddy)


Today our little treasures are 9 weeks old and will start the big journey to their new home on Thursday.

Both we and the new Beardie parents are pretty excited.

On Saturday, July 10th was litter acceptance by the breed warden and the little ones were chipped and vaccinated. They did a great job and we can be really proud of them.

Of course we also use the remaining time to

Practice walking on the leash and get used to brushing.

You are doing really great!

Be Happy Bandit_edited.jpg



An eventful, very emotional week is behind us.

Joy and sorrow are often very close together.

Our little Be Happy Bandit, at the tender age of 7 1/2 weeks, due to tragic circumstances on July 4th. started the journey over the rainbow bridge. We and the future Beardie parents are paralyzed with grief. As a star in the sky, it will shine above us and in our hearts.



Our highlight today ...

Puppy shooting with Markus Heber

Professional and with a lot of feeling for the little rascals ...

It was a lot of fun !!!

We don't want to withhold these photos from you here, so check back in the next few days ...

We are very curious about the photos ourselves!



Today our cockchafer are 7 weeks old and already real little Bearded Collie personalities. Attentive, courageous, intelligent, curious, amiable, cuddly, with his head against the wall ... and all the other characteristics that make up this fantastic breed.

We have put together a short video from last week for you and we hope you enjoy watching it.

Since you haven't read anything from us for a whole week, there is a particularly extensive picture gallery today.

June 21, 2021


Tomorrow our bears will be six weeks old and have already developed into real beard personalities. Every day they discover new things. They romp, play, wrestle and cuddle with one another so that watching this has become our main daily program. Now it won't take that long anymore and you will move to your new home. You don't really long for this moment ...

But it makes it a little easier for us when you can see how much the new family member is already expected at home. That's why we don't want to withhold this photo from you.

There are also new photos and videos of the treasures. Have fun watching!


The puppy room from the children

(4 and 7 years) rebuilt


Almost a week has already passed and you are certainly waiting for news, pictures and videos of our "cockchafer".

Now they are big enough and have been able to explore the first small area in the garden since Friday. The weather is really good for us. They are already learning to do their big business in the garden. Of course, this only works if we put them out ... The master now comes with the brush once a day. They love these pats and wait until it's their turn. So you can teach them that brushing as a puppy is pleasant. If the new Beardie parents start here, there should be no problems with grooming. Now we hope you enjoy looking at the photos and videos!

Buddy und Baccara
Bumblebee und Baxter
Abby als Babysitter
Nach dem Spielen


Today our little Magic Furs are 4 weeks old. Reason enough for a very special photo shoot. You have such beautiful eyes that will change color over the next few weeks. That is why we tried to keep them for future memories. But then there were some lovely snapshots that we just don't want to withhold from you.

Honestly: we are totally in love !!!!



Time seems to fly by. You can watch the bears grow and we are walking with big steps towards the completion of the 4th week of life. Now the game is a bit more stormy and it won't be long before the first baby teeth will show up. Now they find it very exciting when we join them. They nibble, lick and squeak with joy. They jump like little ponies and fall over again and again. Get up and continue ... Beardiebabies that are just fun and bring a lot of joy. Despite all of these activities, they still need a lot of sleep. Here, too, you could watch for hours. So, have fun with the video and the new snapshots!


Only 4 days have passed, tomorrow the bears will be 3 weeks old and there is so much new to report again.

Eating and sleeping are still the focus, but there are now also waking phases in which people play together. Cuddly toys are accepted for cuddling and chewing, and since yesterday there is a mash time per day.

The puppy box has been expanded and thus the play area has increased a little.

Now you can slowly recognize the different characters.

We would like to share this development with you in a small picture and video gallery.

Have fun watching!

When you click on the photos, they reveal their names.


Today the little treasures are 16 days old and it is impressive what has happened in the puppy box in the last few days. The first one cracked the 1000g mark,

Scolding (barking), growling and running are practiced diligently.

Sally knows exactly how to deal with the rascals

and has everything under control.

Abby has now recognized her task and is completely satisfied with the role of observer.

Afterwards to watch and enjoy two videos that we do not want to hold back from you and a few snapshots from the puppy box.


Sleep - eat - sleep ... and enjoy a few pats in between.

This is currently the program. The little ones had already doubled their birth weight the day before yesterday and

since yesterday everyone has their eyes open. Sally takes fantastic care of the bears and Abby can hardly do it

expect to finally take a close look at them.


Today our Beardie bears are one week old and they would like to introduce themselves by name for the first time. Starting with the firstborn, it goes in order how they saw the light of day.

Mika´s Magic Furs Be My Heart Buddy


Mika´s Magic Furs Be My Life Baxter


Mika´s Magic Furs Black Bumblebee


Mika´s Magic Furs Black Baccara


Mika`s Magic Furs Be Happy Bandit


Mika`s Magic Furs Black Devil Baghira




There is music in the air

"Milk Bar Blues"

It's so beautiful ... you could listen and watch for hours.


Today the little ones would like to introduce themselves after the first photo shoot

The males with a blue background

The bitches with pink background



Today our Sally gave birth to 6 little Beardie bears. 4 boys and 2 girls, all black and white. They are real little bundles of joy (5 of them were over 350g). As usual, Sally is a fantastic and faithful mom. The first photos from the puppy box are not of the best quality, but the wellbeing of the little fur noses comes first. We will be reporting here in the next few weeks about the exciting time these little miracles are growing up and we would be delighted if they are happy to be there.


Now there are still a good 14 days and the baby tummy is growing noticeably.

Sally is now taking things more slowly and has a good appetite. Abby can't understand

why her mom no longer likes to romp with her ... She really tries everything.

We are in the process of redesigning the living room and creating a cozy realm for them

Creating babies.

Join us here on this exciting journey

We are looking forward to our second litter with great joy.


We attach great importance to species-appropriate rearing and are very careful with one

respect good imprinting and socialization.

Our main goal: steadfast, healthy and in line with the breed standard

Bearded Collies


Our puppies are lovingly raised in our house, they are in their run

be able to romp around in the house or in the garden and be familiarized with all everyday noises.

You will live with us and will receive all the care a puppy needs while raising it.


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