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04/10/2021 What great news ... We are overjoyed. Sally's and Tobi's rendezvous bears fruit. You can find out how to proceed here

Thank you dear Maresa for this magical photo editor!


The secret of Christmas is that in our search for the great and the extraordinary, we are drawn to the inconspicuous and the small.

Author: Unknown


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, successful, but above all a healthy New Year



November 9th, 2020    There wasn't much new to report this year. Almost all events

have failed, many meetings could not take place and so we have

We enjoyed and were able to enjoy smaller excursions and hikes with our girls

meet up with friends at least now and then. We have this little video

put together so that you can get an impression of how our furry friends do it

manage to make every day a successful, happy day for us.

05/01/2020            Sally's babies are now 10 months old. From planned meetings and reunions

                                has become nothing because of the Corona pandemic. So that they have

                                not been completely forgotten, the leash holder of the boys kindly send

                                us pictures and video material for which we thank you.

                                All have developed magnificently. We are extremely proud.


01/01/2020                       We wish all a happy, healthy and successful new Year.
                                          Today ours A `are exactly 6 month-old see.

                                          We greet everybody completely warmly.

                                          Abby has made herself specially pretty.



11/16/2019                              Sally is back after her baby break. On Sunday, 11/10/ our Sally                                                    had her exhibition debut. After almost 9 months, she shone at                                                    the International Dog Show in Karlsruhe. She started in the                                                       Champions class and secured her first place here.                                                                         The expectation for the International Champion has narrowly                                                       missed and here the Res. CACIB.

11/03/2019                          In October we were back in Switzerland. We participated in the autumn                                             hike of the Swiss Bearded Collie Club. After initially heavy fog, it was                                                then a fantastic sunny autumn day with nice people and more than                                                       40 Beardies.

                                            Yesterday, the little Apollo visited us with his owner. It was very nice,                                               totally exciting and in the end everyone was tired. We are looking                                                       forward to the next time.

09/22/2019                          Our puppies have moved into their new families and have settled                                                                   in fantastically. Little Princess Abby stayed with us and enriched our family                                                  life. The last week was very exciting. Abby made her first big trip last                                                          Saturday with us. For the long awaited visit to friends in Switzerland, the                                reception could not be more stormy. It was a wonderful weekend.


Yesterday we visited little Alvin in his new home.
It was a really great afternoon. Everyone had a lot of fun and then they were very tired.

07/01/2019                           The puppies are here!


06/17/2019                             The puppy room is ready.

05/27/2019                          Sally and Percy had a date on 05/02/2019.
                                             Thanks to today's ultrasound we have the certainty:
                                             We expect puppies at the beginning of July

Now we have it black on white:

Sally (Firstprizebears Pasadena)


Bearded Collie Club Germany e.V.


We had a joint photo shoot

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